Pothole Repair and Patching Your Asphalt Parking Lot

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Potholes can create a serious liability issue in parking lot areas of your Milwaukee business due to the potential hazards to vehicles and pedestrians.

Commercial properties in Milwaukee have to deal with potholes due to the increased stress on your pavement due to winter weather but potholes can form during any season of the year and should be repaired right away.  Once potholes form, they will continue too grow as traffic and weather conditions will make the pothole bigger.  Lack of maintenance, poor drainage, inadequate thickness all contribute to potholes forming.

Pothole Repair Saves MoneyParking lot, Parking lot Construction, Parking Lot Repairs

Pothole repair and patching are inexpensive and also keeps further damage to your asphalt parking lot from occurring thus removing the need too repave your parking lot or driveway.

Positive Appearance

A clean and well maintained parking lot adds to the appearance that customers will have when they visit your property.  You can consider your parking lot as part of your properties landscape, a poorly maintained parking lot can make your overall appearance look poorly.  Kinda like wearing a brown belt and shoes with a black tuxedo.

Outstanding Quality and Construction by MUNSON-ARMSTRONG PAVING DIV.

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It’s easy to recognize driveways, parking lots,  constructed by MUNSON-ARMSTRONG. They’re the ones that still look great years later.

Contact us for your Commercial Asphalt Paving needs in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Southeastern Wisconsin

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Tennis Court Goes From Problem To Asset in 3 Days

Resort Converts Tennis Court from Problem to Asset, in 72-Hours

There can be a very fine line between what constitutes an asset and what constitutes a problem. For outdoor resort tennis courts, this fine line is crossed when the first guest questions if a court is being maintained in good playing condition.tennis court maintenance, repair, Milwaukee
In the Midwest, keeping resort tennis courts in playable condition can be a significant challenge. General upkeep must take place before or after normal guest demand and without disturbing other guest activities (including sleeping), and the weather window for repair and renovation work frequently mirrors peak guest demand for outdoor recreational opportunities.  Resorts often balance high-end amenities with breath-taking seclusion, helping guests relax and reconnect with nature, family, and friends. This tree-friendly approach creates a picturesque haven for guests, but can adversely impact tennis court service life.

(Taken from Court & Track Published 8-1-2011) Read more ›

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Commercial Fence Solutions

commercial fencing

Munson Inc has been providing commercial fencing solutions for Milwaukee for over 60 years.

From perimeter security and tall indoor enclosures for the area’s commercial and industrial leaders, to distinctive residential pool and backyard fences, we do it all.

commerical fencing, contractor, fences, milwaukeeFences can beautify your commercial property while provide functionality.  Creating a border, directing traffic, and added security are a few functions a fence can perform for your property.  We will help you find just the right product and installation technique for your business. We’ll also take into account tree and lot lines, terrain, architectural style, and most importantly, the function you need your fence to serve.  From Industrial Chain Link fences to wooden fences and barriers, Munson has been installing permanent and temporary fences for any of your business needs.

Take a look at our gallery.


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Asphalt Paving for Industrial and Commercial Properties

Paving, asphalt paving, parking lot paving, parking lot construction, commercial asphalt, Milwaukee

Many years ago, MUNSON made a fundamental decision – to explain our price one time rather than have to apologize for poor quality forever.   Our goal is simple – to provide asphalt and concrete construction that lasts! Of course, we do offer maintenance services and repair work. We frequently do repairs for customers whose original paving contractor cut corners on quality in order to be lower priced.

The commercial Asphalt professionals at Munson Inc take pride in approaching each commercial and industrial asphalt project differently as each facility has its own unique challenges. Our estimators can evaluate your asphalt needs and provide a proposal aimed at exceeding your goals.  Learn more….


Commercial and Industrial Asphalt Paving

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