A Vinyl Horse Fence Protects Your Horses

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Whether you have a horse farm or you own only a few horses, a proper horse fence is necessary to keep your animals safely within their boundaries.

Horses have a tendency to stand with their necks hanging over the top of the fence. A horse will also try to force his head and neck through fencing if it is too flexible. That’s why many horse farmers are choosing vinyl fencing for horses over traditional barbed wire or wood fencing.

Vihorse fence, vinyl fencing, fences, fence installation, Milwaukeenyl horse fencing gives the look and feel of a wooden fence without the typical maintenance and paint requirements. It doesn’t weather like wood and it can be easily set up for a beautiful, safe horse farm. With proper construction, there are fewer worries of your horses getting out or getting hurt on the fence.

Vinyl Horse Fence Facts

Vinyl horse fencing is also called PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) fencing. When PVC powder is blended with other ingredients, a compound is created, which is subjected to heat and pressure along with mixing to create a malleable vinyl. The vinyl is dyed and shaped to create the desired look for your fencing. Then it is cooled with water to finalize the process. Vinyl horse fencing is bright in color due to the deep pigmentation in the material. Quality vinyl fencing is built to last many years and often comes with an extended or lifetime warranty. There’s no need to paint the fence, and it can simply be cleaned with a water hose to maintain its brightness.

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Using Concrete and Asphalt Together?

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When you are trying to decide on using concrete or asphalt for your driveway or paving project, there are a few instances where using both can offer great great results to your paving needs.

commercial paving, Parking lot, asphalt paving, Milwaukee, pavingAsphalt Protection

Concrete curbs can be installed at the edges of asphalt protecting their base.  Using concrete curbs and edges offers protection from water as it can seep into the base of asphalt weakening overtime and causing damage and the need for repair work.  The concrete curb can stop the water leakage from occurring and lesson the amount of repair work needed over time.  Concrete curbs can also protect the edges of of asphalt from crumbling due to repeat vehicle traffic and weight.

Heavy Traffic

Heavy Traffic can cause cracking and crumbling of your asphalt, especially in areas around dumpsters where heavy garbage trucks are common.    Using Concrete Pads can help absorb the weight of the heavy loads brought on by this and also reinforces the asphalt.  This is also a good place where semi traffic is common like loading docks as it will help keep the pavement level and sink less from heavy use.

Using Concrete for the base of  an asphalt lay offers excellent advantages providing extra support for the heavy traffic that may be used.

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Driveway Cracks – What is Happening To Your Driveway

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With the snow coming and going you may see some cracks appearing, what is happening?

Regular care and maintenance can help make sure your asphalt driveway lasts a good long time.  Milwaukee driveways go through a lot of punishment, spring is a good time to address these issues.

Straight Linear Cracks

These cracks are very common as your driveway gets older and the elements take their toll.  They start out as a hairline crack and continue to spread and get wider and deeper.   Water and dirt will slowly fill into the cracks and during the freeze thaw cycle these cracks will continue to expand and grow.  Sealing over these will cover it for a little while, but it is best to clean them out of any debris and filled with a hot sealer.  Crack fillers are only temporary fixes so it is best to have this done by a professional asphalt repair company.

Spiderweb CracksAsphalt Repair, Crack Repair, parking lot repair, Milwaukee parking lot repair

These are cracks that literally look like a spider web.  This basically means that your driveway is failing.  Over use of Sealers or poor initial installation can be the cause of this.  When this occurs you pretty much need to have the asphalt removed and reinstalled.

Edges Crumbling

This may be unsightly luckily doesn’t mean that your driveway’s structure isn’t affected along the main portion of the asphalt.  It may be just too thin along the edges.  A good fix for this would be to install edging along the side of the driveway to keep the edges from breaking off.  Brick is a good idea that looks great.

Sinking near the Garage or other Structures

If this is occurring near a newly constructed garage or home, it can be because the ground around the structures is settling or the base wasn’t compacted correctly.  Another time this occurs is because you may have a water downspout channeling water to that spot.  This can cause the rainwater to was away the soil.  You always want to make sure that water is draining away from the driveway.

Fading Color

Oxidation, occurs when your asphalt is exposed to oxygen.  As your driveway gets older you will see it turning gray and fade a bit.  This is an easy fix.  Fill the cracks and apply seal coat.



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Stamped Concrete and Ice Melt.

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It is always a good idea to make sure that ice on your concrete is melted when it is used by traffic from people and vehicles.  It is important to make sure that if you are using an ice melt product, that you are careful what ones you use.  Especially on stamped concrete.

Salt alone at the least can cause stains and can react with the dyes in the concrete and bleach the surfaces.  It also can contain chemicals that can eat away at the concrete causing it to break down.  non-salt based chemicals are available for concrete driveways.   Sand or kitty litter are  your best options.  Some of the pet friendly de icers may be ok also stay away from ones that contain ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate.

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