Month: November 2014

Concrete Tennis Court or Asphalt?

A well-constructed, properly maintained concrete court can provide decades of recreational enjoyment. Click here to read more Right now is the time to schedule construction of your tennis court  for the the upcoming year!  Contact us!  

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Indoor Tennis Court Construction Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin

If you have an indoor project requiring concrete and/or if you are interested in adding an indoor tennis court to your facility.  Contact Munson Inc as soon as possible.  There is a major concrete shortage in the Midwest and Milwaukee. 

Prepare your asphalt for winter

Water is your asphalt’s worst enemy.  If you notice any cracks or holes, these will be the first places where snow melt will trickle down into the sub base and begin the freeze thaw cycle.  As water expands and contracts

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Get your Parking Lot repaired before winter! Crack Repairs can save you in the long term.

Asphalt Crack repair and Sealing to your Parking Lot or Driveway is and important step in increasing the life of your investment. WAUKESHA, Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin Asphalt and concrete crack repair by Munson Inc will help stop water from

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