Month: August 2017

Best of the Best, The Munson Story

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Best Paving Contractor in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Asphalt, Wisconsin Paving, Commercial Paving, milwaukee paving, parking lot paving

Looking for the best Paving Contractor in Milwaukee?  Many Pavers can try and lay claim to that title, but having a paving company with over 60 years of experience helps.  Munson Inc has seen it all during its time servicing

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Tennis Court Crack Repair – Do It Yourself?

Tennis Court Construction Milwaukee

A cracked tennis court doesn’t just look bad – it IS bad. It becomes a trip hazard, impacts the speed of the game and robs the players of the conditions they need for a good match. Do you want to

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Common Asphalt Defects – Asphalt Repair from Munson Inc Milwaukee

Commercial Paving, Asphalt Commercial, Wisconsin Asphalt, paving, asphalt paving

We frequently do asphalt repairs for customers whose original asphalt paving contractor cut corners on quality in order to be lower priced. Many years ago, MUNSON made a fundamental decision – to explain our price one time rather than have

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