Month: December 2017

Indoor concrete floors, trench patches, installation and Repair

Commercial Concrete, Concrete repair, Concrete Patching, indoor concrete, concrete paving, Milwaukee

Interior concrete services are done all year and our concrete crew uses this time of year to concentrate on interior work such as concrete floor repairs, installation and modifications, Trench patches and crane or heavy machine pad footings to name

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Indoor Fencing is an Economical Solution

Fencing isn’t only used outside.  Indoor Fencing is an Economical Solution for may commercial uses. A variety of facilities find that fencing materials are ideal for partitioning off interior spaces, providing secure enclosures, and other uses, especially for large interior

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Concrete Care During The Winter

Paving, Fencing, Asphalt, Concrete, MIlwaukee, Asphalt paving, Concrete Paving,Milwaukee Paving

Most concrete damage happens during the winter months. Freezing temperatures will not affect the concrete without the presence of moisture. Anything that limits the amount of water on or around the concrete will lengthen its service life. This is where

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Indoor Tennis Courts – Surfacing and Resurfacing

indoor tennis court construction, indoor tennis court, milwaukee

Having the proper surface for your Indoor tennis court matters. Munson Inc has been the go to choice in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin for indoor tennis court surfacing and resurfacing.

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