Month: April 2018

Asphalt Crack Repair – Sealing or Filling?

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Sealing a crack and filling a crack can be two different things.  It is important to know the difference. Are you filling your cracks or sealing your cracks?

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Asphalt or Concrete Parking Lot? Which one

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Choosing between asphalt and concrete for your parking lot consists of what strengths and weaknesses each paving material has. An asphalt parking lot will give you 15 – 20 years of life with a little maintenance like seal coating, crack

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Asphalt Pavement Damage

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What is causing your Asphalt to need repair? It doesn’t matter if you live in areas where there is a lot of snow and salt or down south where heat and sun pound your asphalt pavement.  Asphalt deterioration is very

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What people are saying about Munson Inc

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What are people saying about their experience with Munson Inc and their Fencing and Paving projects? Reviews and Testimonials