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Asphalt or Concrete Parking Lot? Which one

Choosing between asphalt and concrete for your parking lot consists of what strengths and weaknesses each paving material has.

An asphalt parking lot will give you 15 – 20 years of life with a little maintenance like seal coating, crack filling and pot hole repairs.  A concrete parking lot can show 20 – 25 years with very little maintenance to help with its lifespan.

Traffic, or traffic type is a consideration for which surface type you want to use.  You may even consider using both.  parking lot repair, parking lots, asphalt, black top, milwaukee

Asphalt offers more give than concrete, simplifying and lowering the cost of initial paving, but is subject to more deterioration over time, especially if heavy traffic or machinery is used often (like garbage trucks), this is the reason for the necessary maintenance.  Concrete is more expensive the asphalt but when it incorporates control joints, cracking is more controlled and the stress from heavy traffic affects it much less then asphalt.

With this in mind, some property owners chose a combination of asphalt and concrete for their parking lots.  Adding concrete to the areas that sustain heavier traffic and using concrete to enhance the overall durability of the asphalt.

Asphalt Protection using Concrete

Concrete curbs can be installed at the edges of asphalt protecting their base.  Using concrete curbs and edges offers protection from water as it can seep into the base of asphalt weakening overtime and causing damage and the need for repair work.  The concrete curb can stop the water leakage from occurring and lesson the amount of repair work needed over time.  Concrete curbs can also protect the edges of of asphalt from crumbling due to repeat vehicle traffic and weight.

Heavy Traffic

Heavy Traffic can cause cracking and crumbling of your asphalt, especially in areas around dumpsters where heavy garbage trucks are common.    Using Concrete Pads can help absorb the weight of the heavy loads brought on by this and also reinforces the asphalt.  This is also a good place where semi traffic is common like loading docks as it will help keep the pavement level and sink less from heavy use.

Using Concrete for the base of  an asphalt lay offers excellent advantages providing extra support for the heavy traffic that may be used.

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