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Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating

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Leave A Good Impression—It Starts With Your Asphalt

Asphalt Paving

Concerned about the current condition of your pavement or looking to expand?  The Munson-Armstrong Paving Division of Munson, Inc. is ready to help.  Building lasting solutions for our customers through outstanding people and results is what we do every day.  Our team is made up of dependable, dedicated individuals that take ownership in each project.  We are passionate yet respectful of your needs and the uniqueness each project brings for all involved.

With a wide range of services we handle all sizes of projects – large and small.  We’ll let you know what works best for your budget in terms of investment costs and expected lifetime of the options that you choose.  Munson also offers the best warranty in the area when it comes to reconstruction.  Ask us about our 2 and 3 year paving warranties.

Are you protecting your investment?

Asphalt is not only a financial investment in your property – it is the front door, entryway and first impression a customer or visitor sees on your property.  To make that investment last as long as possible we recommend the following:

Crack Filling. Crack filling slows down the continuation of the cracks.  Most importantly though, it fills the crack so that water and debris can’t get inside and speed up the cracking process.  We use a particular product that is “foot traffic” friendly.
Recommended as needed.

Seal Coating.  Sealing protects the asphalt from gas and oil spills, the sun’s UV rays, and prevents water penetration. All these elements break down the asphalt surface and by sealing the pavement you are not only enhancing the look of your parking lot or driveway, but protecting your asphalt investment as well.  Because seal coating gives asphalt a deep, rich black color, it helps melt snow and ice faster, making your driveway or parking lot safer to walk and drive on.  The small pores on in your pavement are filled, making cleaning easier by allowing rainwater to wash faster over the pavement.  In turn it lets the sun dry the pavement faster by being blacker and not “grey” as is the color unsealed asphalt turns over the years.  We apply commercial grade sealer to both residential and commercial customers and nearly always apply 2 coats unlike some competitors.
Recommended every 3-5 years.

Cleaning.  Shady areas may accelerate the production of moss and algae.  If left on your pavement it will breakdown the surface of the sealer. Regularly brush off collections of sticks and leaves as they will leave a mark and residue on your asphalt if left for long periods of time.  Crab apples and berries should be cleaned off as well so that the acid doesn’t eat through the sealer and then attack the pavement.
Recommended as needed.

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