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Sometimes, deciding between parking lot repair/renovation options and parking lot reconstruction is difficult. Other times, the decision is as easy as one, two, three.

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The segmental retaining wall system provides a great look, proper drainage, and hard-core durability for the middle school.
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The reconstructed parking lot incudes an ADA-compliant space (including access aisle) for accessible parking.

    For a middle school in a southeastern Wisconsin school district, the decision was easy. The pavement had reached the end of its useful service life and repairs were no longer a cost-effective solution.
Asphalt rating systems are often employed to evaluate pavement distresses.  One of the best-known rating systems, developed by the University of Wisconsin – Madison Transportation Information Center, is the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system. PASER rates pavement conditions on a scale of one (failed) to ten (Excellent).  The rating is translatable to prescribed treatment options – from no maintenance required (a 9 or 10 rating) to reconstruction (a 1 or 2 rating).  A PASER rating for the middle school parking lot rating would be less than two.  The school district selected Munson, Inc.’s Asphalt Crew to support its pavement reconstruction efforts.  Facility management issues are  never as easy as A, B, C. The district was advised it should replace the old, railroad-tie retaining wall adjacent to the parking lot. It opted not to.  But during pavement reconstruction, the wall system, which had been designed and installed without proper routing of water from the back of the wall, became very loose. An electrical line was also discovered buried behind the wall.  The district decided to replace the old retaining wall with a properly designed segmental concrete masonry unit wall system and to replace the electrical line.  Munson’s Asphalt Crew removed the old parking lot and installed the new pavement over an engineered subbase using a full-depth, Wisconsin Department of Transportation approved Superpave mix placed in two compacted lifts (base and wear surface).  With proper routine and preventative maintenance, the new pavement will provide excellent service for the school district.

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Need a friend in the asphalt business? Customers trust Munson, Inc. and report they appreciate its professionalism, the quality of its workmanship, its project communication, and the creative, cost-effective solutions it provides to meet their pavement project needs.

The Transportation Information Center has a great online resource page. Visit:

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Need a friend in the asphalt business? Looking for a reliable,
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