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Blacktop Crack Repair

Black top Crack repair and Sealing is an important step in increasing the life of your investment.

The time is now to deal with cracks in blacktop driveways and parking lots to stop water from penetrating the cracks and causing damage. In fall and winter, water gets into the cracks and as it freezes, it swells, causing the crack itself to expand and get larger.

It is important to have an Black top crack repair program to protect your asphalt or black top investment. When left untreated, seemingly simple tracks become parking lot pot holes, sunken areas or even large crevices.

Munson-Armstrong Paving Division has a team of expert advisers that are here to provide you with an expert consultation.  Paying attention to details… That’s how MUNSON-ARMSTRONG PAVING DIV. has built its name and reputation since 1963. Details like considering variable ground and soil conditions, refusing to take short-cuts in the necessary prep work – and then demanding nothing less than the finest quality finish work. Our goal is simple – to provide asphalt and concrete construction and repair that lasts! Of course, we do offer maintenance services and repair work. We frequently do repairs for customers whose original contractor cut corners on quality in order to be lower priced.

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