Caring for asphalt Tennis Courts after a Snow Storm

There are some practices that are acceptable for removing snow and ice from tennis courts and there are definite no-no’s.

There are several snow and ice removal techniques that will cause PERMANENT DAMAGE to tennis courts.

Things to avoid:

1.  Do not use any metal tools to chip remove ice.  All metal shovels and pick axes can chip the asphalt as well as scraping the grit and paint from the court.  All of these actions can cause permanent damage and possibly render the courts unplayable on a long-term basis.

2.  Do not use rock salt or other chemical de-icers as they are harsh and can damage the asphalt snow, Milwaukee Tennis court paving, tennis court constructon, Milwaukee

3.  While anti-freeze, windshield de-icer and even fertilizer are known to melt ice, using them on the court can be hazardous as these chemicals can be transferred from the court to the balls, to our hands and possibly be ingested or get into eyes causing severe illness or even blindness.

So what can be done?

1.  Plastic shovels (no metal tips!) can be used to remove loose snow and ice.  Getting the wintry precipitation off quickly will allow the sun to begin melting the courts as soon as possible.

2.  Remove wind screens which will help expose the courts to maximum sunlight.

3.  Continue monitoring the courts and removing the loose ice as the sun works.