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Recommendations for Late Fall Outdoor Tennis Court Maintenance

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Implementation of an ongoing program of routine and preventative maintenance is key to getting the best investment from your tennis court(s).   Our experience since 1955 confirms the primary cause of outdoor tennis court damage is the result of the failure

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Preparing your Tennis Court For Winter

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With winter weather coming soon, it is time to think about preparing your tennis court for the cold that is on its way. Lower tennis nets to relieve their tension. That is, if you think you will be using them

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Tennis Court Crack Repair – Do It Yourself?

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A cracked tennis court doesn’t just look bad – it IS bad. It becomes a trip hazard, impacts the speed of the game and robs the players of the conditions they need for a good match. Do you want to

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POP Tennis – What is it?

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POP Tennis uses shorter tennis courts, lower pressure balls and shorter racquets designed in a way that everyone can immediately play and have fun. POP Tennis on 36- and 60-foot tennis courts is the same as tennis on a full-size

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