Concrete is the Right Approach to Your Facility or Home

Facility owners, developers, and homeowners select exterior concrete flatwork for its strength, beauty, durability, versatility, and low life-cycle costs. You should, too.

The versatility, durability, and attractiveness of exterior concrete flatwork offer unlimited possibilities for facility owners and managers, developers, and homeowners. When designed and installed correctly, concrete pavements hold up beautifully in any weather and under any load.
Traditional Concrete Flatwork
Traditional concrete marries outstanding performance and low life-cycle costs.  Durable, elegant, and easy to maintain, the bright, clean look of traditional concrete adds to the look of any facility, accentuating and complementing the architectural details of on-site structures and elegantly contrasting lawns, planting areas, and other landscape features.
Traditional concrete pavements:

•Use established and universally accepted design criteria to meet

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Traditional concrete flatwork marries elegant performance with low life-cycle costs.
anticipated loads
•Spread traffic loads over large areas, keeping pressure on the
subgrade low
•Provide a highly light-reflective surface for effective night-lighting
and safety
•Supply high skid-resistance, resulting in less liability exposure
•Are durable and easy to maintain
•Grow stronger with age
•Offer low life-cycle costs for the service life of the pavement.

Decorative Concrete Flatwork
Decorative concrete flatwork incorporates methods of applying texture, color, stamping, and other techniques to enhance horizontal concrete applications.  Decorative concrete combines outstanding performance and low life-cycle costs with visual and tactile flair, defining and adding distinction and excitement to indoor and outdoor settings.  Colored and/or textured concrete can be used to tie outdoor spaces with the surrounding built and natural environment, complementing boulders, vegetation, natural mulches, retaining structures, and exterior facades. As landscape design endeavors to support corporate and organizational identity and the backyard becomes “lifestyle” for more and more homeowners, decorate concrete is helping to blur the line between a structure’s interior and exterior.  Decorative concrete adds prestige and pizzazz to any entryway and transforms backyards into rooms without walls, where nature can be actively engaged, not passively observed. Decorative concrete is just as beautiful indoors and provides outstanding thermal mass for passive solar applications.  Variations in the patterns, colors, and textures of horizontal concrete surfaces are limited only by the imagination of project owners and their designers and the skill of the concrete craftsmen and craftswomen working on the project.
More and more businesses, organizations, and homeowners are beautifying public areas, indoors and out, with decorative concrete. Perhaps you should, too.
Key to Success With Exterior Concrete Flatwork
Your selection of concrete contractor is key to the success of your concrete project. Before hiring a contractor for concrete flatwork (traditional or
decorative), make sure the contractor:
•Has a successful work history

•Shows genuine enthusiasm for your project

Decorative concrete creates beautiful, inviting entries for your customers and guests.
Decorative concrete creates beautiful, inviting entries for your
customers and guests.
•Demonstrates the technical know-how to do the job
•Has practical experience on similar concrete projects
•Possess the proper equipment and skilled people to complete
the project
•Has the proper insurances and the financial strength to see the
project through
•Works in partnership with a quality ready-mixed concrete producer
•Understands and provides customer service.
Most often in life, you get what you pay for. A concrete contractor’s experience, and adherence to quality standards by both the contractor and ready-mixed concrete producer, are well-worth any extra project expense.  Concrete flatwork designed and installed correctly has no equal in terms of quality, value, dependability, good looks, and long service life. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your next concrete flatwork project.