Slab settlement is an all-too-common problem for home and business owners, municipalities, and facility managers.

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Buckling or settlement of sidewalks, ramps, driveways, shop and warehouse floors, stairways, pedestrian crossings, patios, plazas, parking lots, entryways, and other facility structures and infrastructures is a major source of surface-fall accidents. Sometimes the only repair solution is to remove and replace the concrete slab.

mudjacking, Milwaukee Mudjacking, Also known as concrete raising or slab jacking (and sometimes mistakenly called pressure grouting), mudjacking is a specialty repair procedure for correcting uneven concrete surfaces. Controlled grout injection through the concrete at strategic locations is made to re-level the concrete – effectively raising the settlement by pushing it up from below. Holes are drilled through the concrete surface and grout is injected to fill all under-slab voids and raise the settled section to the desired grade. Lifts of one foot or more are achievable, and current technology makes it possible to raise and stabilize a slab to a tolerance of plus-or-minus 1/32 inch, effectively eliminating trip hazards.

There are some mud-jacking limitations. Mud jacking may not be the best use of repair resources when your concrete surface is scaling, spalling, or otherwise damaged. Mud jacking will not provide a lasting solution if the cause of the settlement is due to placement over expansive or swampy soils, or if a sinkhole has developed beneath the concrete. Mud-jacking solutions will also not be long lasting if the cause of initial settlement is external and not addressed – for example, drainage issues caused by poorly installed lawn-irrigation systems. When mud jacking is a poor use of repair resources, removal and replacement is often the best solution for correcting trip hazards.Wisconsin Fence, Wisconsin Paving, Driveway Paving, Parking Lots, Asphalt, Tennis Courts