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Driveway Maintenance In The Winter

How do you maintain your driveway so it lasts longest and isn’t damaged during the winter?

Although we have not gotten much snow yet this year, we all know that snow and ice is inevitable.  Whether you shovel or use a snow blower is up to you, as both have pros and cons. However, after the snow is removed from your walkways and driveways, be sure to analyze the pavement to determine if further deicing is necessary.  Avoid using rock salt (sodium chloride) to deice and instead opt for calcium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate or natural deicers. Conventional rock salt has been linked to the premature corrosion of pavement.  The alternatives on this list work in lower temperatures and are less harmful to the pavement.  Applying sand to your driveway can enhance traction in your driveway and walkways and is also a safer alternative to rock salt.