tennis court cracks, repair, milwaukee

Early Summer Tennis Court Maintenance

Early Summer Outdoor Tennis Court Maintenance

It may have been some time since your tennis court was last crack filled or recolored. It is recommended that tennis courts be re-colored every 5-7 years and that cracks be filled as necessary to prolong the life of your court and keep it in the best playing condition possible.

Tennis courts are a major investment and lapses in maintenance result in quicker needs for costly replacements.

Munson has been installing and maintaining tennis courts since 1955 and with paving and fencing divisions we’ve got you completely covered. Being a member of the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), and recently earning our 11th national award for our tennis court work, assures you of quality you can rely on.


tennis court cracks, repair, milwaukee

The most common problem with asphalt tennis courts is cracking. Cracking is caused by asphalt’s natural tendency to shrink as it weathers and ages. In addition, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes more brittle over time. Since outdoor courts are also exposed to temperature extremes that cause expansion and contraction, cracking is inevitable almost without exception.

We can help you apply the best solution.


Since 2005, Munson has been certified to apply the very best Armor® crack repair system, which has a patented process for Long-Term Repairs to asphalt tennis court cracks.  Munson is one of this manufacturer’s top installers. Having installed/colored over 1,500 courts in our history, we proudly stand behind each and every one.

Providing our customers with only the best products available, we use premium color products that are 2.5 times more flexible than standard products our competitors use. We can stripe for any type of play, and can even stripe for multi-play courts, which includes pickleball.

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tennis court repair, milwaukee,

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Munson Offers the Following

  1. practice boards
  2. windscreens
  3. lighting
  4. replacement nets
  5. net posts
  6. post-hole sleeves with sleeve caps
  7. court cleaning/pressure washing
  8. Fall clean-up/Winterization


Professional Service Since 1955

NOW is a great time to contact Munson Tennis Division regarding estimates for 2021 court maintenance, repair, renovation, or reconstruction. We also provide professional feasibility study, design, and construction of new courts.

If you plan to invest in your court this Summer, please call us at 414-351-0800 or follow the arrow below for a site inspection and review.

Enjoy your Summer Play!


Munson, Inc. is a commercial and residential fencing and paving company located in Glendale, Wisconsin.  We have been servicing Greater Milwaukee and surrounding areas since 1955.  Our PAVING DIVISION specializes in asphalt and concrete – from driveways to large parking lots and from colored and stamped concrete to small trench patching.  Our FENCE DIVISION installs industrial chain link fences, gates and operators, as well as decorative, wrought-iron fencing – and every other type of fencing in-between.  Our TENNIS & TRACK DIVISION combines these competencies, creating award-winning residential, public, and commercial tennis courts and tracks.  

Munson is a member of the ASBA – American Sports Builders Association. ASBA is a national organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for tennis courts.  It is recognized as a centralized source for technical information, including consumer-oriented information and Munson Inc. has received numerous national awards from this organization for our tennis court work.  Their members are held to high standards in regards to construction and maintenance of tennis courts.

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