Munson Inc installs temporary fence in the greater Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin on building projects as well as in emergency situations.

Unlike other rental fence companies, Munson uses heavier gauge materials for a more durable product and our rental rates are typically for one installation and one removal. This means that customers do not have to try to figure monthly usage and do not get monthly invoices.

Most temporary or rental fence comes in panels forms with stands and sandbags. Heights are usually 6’ or 8’ with panel lengths of 10’ and 12’. Panels can come with hinges to be used as gates or we can provide more durable everyday use gates on driven posts. The other common style is driven fence, again usually in 6’ or 8’ heights. Driven fence is more common when the fence does not have to be moved during the construction project and when usually installed thru dirt where holes after post removal are not a concern.
Always accommodating customer requests other types of temporary fence options include top rails, gate operators, panels on jersey barriers and posts in concrete footings. The most popular option however is privacy screening or windscreen. Munson can provide multiple screening options in various colors, custom logo screen and photo printed screening. Other options include hemmed and grommetted ends for sturdiness or a more typical green screening which is strong enough to be cut with a blade or scissors as needed and not have the ends fray apart.
Although most sales include installation and removal, Munson will sell material only in bulk quantities for pickup or local delivery. We can also deliver and pickup from the jobsite with the customer doing the panel installation and removal.

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