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Horse Fencing: A Range of Options

Horse owners today have a range of fence options to choose from in order to keep their horses safe. These horse fences, made of materials like wood and vinyl contain animals securely within their boundaries. Other options in wire and mesh are available, but recommended for smaller animals. Whether owners prefer the natural beauty of wood, the low maintenance of vinyl or something in between, they will certainly find a product that is perfect for their fence, vinyl fencing, fences, fence installation, Milwaukee

Vinyl Fencing Vinyl has become a very popular material for horse fencing, thanks in part to its strength and its longevity. This material comes in a variety of fencing types, including the traditional post and rail style used for horse fence. For a fence that is virtually maintenance free, vinyl fencing is an ideal choice to contain horses. Because the pigment is consistent throughout the entire piece of vinyl, the color of the fence remains true despite weather conditions or normal wear and tear. Vinyl fence is generally available in white, but darker colors can sometimes be found. Horse owners can choose the color that best coordinates with their surroundings.

Vinyl fencing has multiple benefits. Vinyl is “maintenance free”, aesthetically pleasing and has excellent durability. Vinyl can withstand the normal conditions associated with having horses corralled, such as rubbing and leaning. Horses tend not to crib on vinyl fencing. Vinyl does not rot, warp or splinter; this means that horses will be both safe and contained. Thanks to its natural resistance to aging and rot, vinyl does not require the normal maintenance associated with horse fencing. No painting is necessary, and problems like rotting posts or boards do not exist. If a rail were to fall out, one would only need to pop it back in to fix the problem. These fences only need occasional washings to keep them looking great.