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How often should I clean my asphalt tennis court?

The implementation of an ongoing program of routine and preventative maintenance is key to getting the best from your asphalt tennis court.

One of the key benefits of a hard court like yours (acrylic court coloring system, applied over an asphalt surface course, installed on top of an Residential Tennis Court Constructionengineered stone base) is it needs little daily maintenance. But to get the most value from your asphalt tennis court, and to make sure your court surface is safe and free of debris, some daily maintenance for your asphalt court is required. Every day – either before play is scheduled to begin or after play is completed – walk and inspect your court. Because dirt and debris can cause premature coloring-system failure (by trapping moisture against your acrylic court color coating), it is important to remove them daily. Start by removing any heavy debris – leaves, pine needles and pine- cones, paper and plastic bags, grass clippings, fast-food packaging, sticks, and other organic and inorganic materials. Then clean dust and dirt from your court with one or more of the following tools: Soft-bristle (nylon or hair-type) broom, air blower, foam-sponge roller, wet/dry vacuum, hose, or water broom. Hard-bristle brooms and high-octane pressure washers will damage your court’s textured color surface, compromising the player experience by creating overly fast, inconsistent ball bounce. Your goal is to relocate the dust and dirt, not to destroy your court’s textured color surface system.
Also, court-maintenance best practices recommend you re-sweep, or blow clean or vacuum your court surface after any heavy rain.
Finally, if your court should become stained, use warm water and a soft brush to gently remove the staining. If the stain remains, contact Munson, Inc. for additional recommendations: 800.236.0340 |