Indoor Tennis Court Construction Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin

If you have an indoor project requiring concrete and/or if you are interested in adding an indoor tennis court to your facility.  Contact Munson Inc as soon as possible.  There is a major concrete shortage in the Midwest and Milwaukee.  It would be a good idea to order your concrete project now as wait times are rising.

Complaints of concrete shortages pour in across the Midwest

By Jonah Kaplan. CREATED Oct 28, 2014

Contractors and construction companies across the Midwest continue to report an immense backlog in cement and concrete deliveries. The delays are keeping projects from getting done on time and they could mean higher prices in the future.

“I’ve been in this 25 years and yes, it is bad,” said Chris Helm, owner of CRH Construction.
Helm, however, thinks the shortage represents what he calls a “good problem”: a surge in home improvement projects and high demand for work.
“The economy is a little better and someone’s always making money,” Helm said. “They’re cutting loose with it a little bit.”
Cement is the main ingredient for concrete, which is the near-universal material for driveways, garages, basements, sidewalks, patios and home foundations, among other things. Concrete is also a central component to road construction, of which Wisconsin has almost everywhere.