Is Your Parking Lot Ready For Winter?

Winter is on its way and its time to plan for asphalt maintenance and repairs for your Commercial Parking lot.  Milwaukee winter weather can torment your asphalt with rain and melting snow seeping into asphalt cracks and weakening it all the way down to the sub-base.Parking lot, Parking lot Construction, Parking Lot Repairs  When water expands and contracts with temperature changes it will widen cracks and cause major damage if left unmaintained.  Potholes and other issues will begin.

Asphalt Repairs can be done to your parking lot by Munson Inc.    We will make sure your parking lot looks better and lasts longer by helping prevent sand, stones and other debris from entering open crack, prevent water from entering open cracks, and delay or prevent the formation of potholes.

Do you have the materials ready for winter weather?

You don’t want to find out too late that you are running out of materials needed to maintain your parking lot in the winter.  Be sure that you have deicers, salt and sand available for the next big freeze.  If you plan to hire a snow removal service be sure you have one scheduled before the first snow fall.  It is also a good idea to have a backup snow removal option should your contractor fall through.


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