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Late Fall Maintenance for Outdoor Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Putting into practice an ongoing program of routine and preventative maintenance is key to getting the best investment out of your tennis and pickleball courts.  Since 1955 our experience confirms that a leading cause of outdoor tennis court surface damage is the result of neglecting to remove all dirt and debris from courts in late fall. Organic and inorganic debris left on your court will trap moisture causing premature failure of the color coating, which is highly susceptible to damage from extended exposure to trapped moisture, thus requiring re-coloring.

Inferior late fall maintenance practice negatively impacts the player experience the following spring, affecting court aesthetic, player visibility and safety, and the pace of play.

A seasonal tennis court maintenance checklist developed through a joint effort of the US Tennis Association and the American Sports Builders Association is available by clicking here.

pickleball courts, court construction, milwaukee

Munson Recommends

the following key late fall maintenance steps for all courts:

  • Remove all dirt and debris from the court
  • Remove nets and store them in a dry (rodent-resistant) place
  • Tag windscreen locations and inspect, clean, and store them in a dry (rodent-resistant) place
  • Remove net posts and store
  • Cover the post-hole sleeves with sleeve caps to protect them from debris.  Munson has these in stock if you need them. Cost per pair is $80 plus tax.


Do not minimize the importance of the third bullet point above! Strong winds can create sail-like resistance on attached windscreens resulting in early and costly failure. More costly still is structural damage to fencing should windscreens remain up during the high-wind season.

For clay courts we recommend placing a court cover over the court in late fall to minimize the amount of clay loss.  The cover should remain in place until the start of the following outdoor play season.



Munson Offers Winterizing Services

which are available for residential customers (or single commercial courts) and includes net, post, and windscreen removal (stored on owner’s property) and debris clean up. 
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A Couple More Things

The first measurable snowfall often comes in late fall, sometimes even before Halloween. If you need to extend the outdoor season beyond that snowfall, only use a soft-nylon or hair-type broom for snow removal. Hard-bristle brooms can damage your courts textured color surface creating overly fast, inconsistent ball bounce. Do not use snow shovels or mechanical snow removal equipment on your court and NEVER FLOOD YOUR COURT FOR USE AS AN ICE RINK

Remember again that the cost to tag windscreen locations and inspect, clean, and store is minimal compared to replacing windscreens or undertaking fence repair or replacement. Saturated windscreens can freeze quickly which deteriorates their service life and this could contribute to fence damage during winter storms or high winds.

Professional Service Since 1955

Fall is a great time to contact Munson Tennis Division regarding estimates for 2022 court maintenance, repair, renovation, or reconstruction. We also provide professional feasibility study, design, and construction of new courts.

Contacting us now at (414) 351-0800 or following the arrow below helps ensure your court will be at the top of our schedule when season breaks next spring.

Enjoy your POST-SEASON!


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