Milwaukee Sealcoating



Seal coating Milwaukee, Commercial Seal Coating, Waukesha Seal Coating, SealcoatingNeed a friend in the seal coating business? Looking for a reliable, qualified seal coat contractor to support your Milwaukee facility or home asphalt pavement needs in a timely, safe, and efficient manner and experienced at minimizing or eliminating the business interruption or family-time disruption natural to preventative pavement maintenance practices?  Munson, Inc. excels at supporting the pavement maintenance programs of Milwaukee-area businesses, organizations, and families.

Seal coating Milwaukee, Commercial Seal Coating, Waukesha Seal Coating, sealcoating
You have a friend in the seal coating business

  Seal coating safeguards your pavement from the materials and elements that can destroy its structural integrity.  We apply commercial grade sealers to both residential and commercial customers and nearly always apply 2 coats.  This sealer extends the life of your pavement while also improving appearance.  Your pavement will have a beautiful, deep dark look and line striping will appear brighter and much more visible.

Customers report they appreciate our professionalism, the quality of our workmanship, our project communication, and the creative, cost-effective solutions we provide to meet their specific pavement maintenance project needs. Look to the seal coat crews of our Munson – Armstrong Paving Division for constructive solutions – crack filling, seal coating, and pavement marking – to pavement oxidation, drying, cracking, ADA compliance, traffic and pedestrian passage, and storm-water management challenges.