Milwaukee’s Worst Pothole Contest

Milwaukee is having its worst winter ever when it comes to potholes.  Just when you thought you drove over the worst one you find another that’s twice as bad!  Now’s your time to show off the worst one in town and get it patched for free!  Munson, Inc. (Munson Fence & Munson-Armstrong Paving) is holding Milwaukee’s Worst Pothole Contest.  Submit your photo, get the most votes (likes) and yours will be patched for *free.  The contest starts Wednesday March 5th with the final winner announced on March 28th.  See below for complete details.  Contest not valid for public roadways – only private properties, parking lots.

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VOTING DEADLINE:  FRIDAY MARCH 28th by 12PM             

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO:  Please send one photo only to with Pothole Contest in the subject and your name, phone number, e-mail and exact location/address of the pothole (must be on private property) in the e-mail message.  Munson will then upload these photos to the Pothole Album on our Facebook Page with only the City/Town or Village location for privacy purposes.


VOTING:  The photo with the most LIKES by 12PM on March 28th will be deemed the winner and get their pothole patched for *free.


Disclaimer for Free Pothole Patching – Location must be on private property.  *Total value is Not To Exceed $750.  If customer desires, Munson will provide an estimate for other services requested that exceed this amount.  Price is for cold mix asphalt, tack and labor only.  It does not include catch basin/sewer adjusting rings.  Material used is to be American Asphalt’s High Performance Cold Mix.  Work to be done in a 25 mile radius of Munson’s location in Glendale.  Locations further may require additional travel costs.  All work to be compacted with a vibratory compactor and not hand tamped.  Munson is not responsible for any repairs from damage due to plowing after patching.  Munson is not responsible for patched asphalt that may sink or rise due to spring thaw.