Indoor Sports Surfaces

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Indoor sports surfaces have to be durable enough to keep up with the wear and tear that athletes can put them through.  Basketball, volleyball, Tennis and floor hockey can share the same court during multiple times of the day.  Choosing the best design and surface for your indoor sports surface in important in providing the most versatile, functional and pleasing experience for the uses of that area.

Munson Inc has been the go to choice in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin for indoor sport surfacing and resurfacing project.

You can count on MUNSON to handle normal maintenance like color coating and striping. Should damage occur to the court or fence, we’ll be there to bring things back to like-new condition. Rest assured, MUNSON is the name you can trust to protect your investment by providing tennis court quality that will last for many years to come.


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Seal coating in cold weather

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Most of the sealcoatings used are water-based.  Either based on refined tar or asphalt Emulsion.  You could expect 60 to 70% of the sealcoating being applied to be water.  In order for seal coating to dry all of the water needs to be released from its top layer to the bottom layers.  As it dries a film will appear over the top layer and it will become more and more difficult for the water to escape.  This is why we never step on freshly sealed asphalt even when it looks dry.  Even a small bit of moisture in the bottom layers left to freeze can cause disbonding and peeling and will likely fail prematurely.  Even if your days are warm, an overnight temperature that is below freezing is all that is needed to cause permanent damage.


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Leaf Stains on concrete

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Leaf stains on your concrete can seem like an impossible task when it comes to removal.  The natural bleaching of the sun will likely remove the stains in time but if you are looking for a way to remove them faster you can try using a detergent designed to remove organic stains.  Dry granular detergents are useful as they will add additional friction.  Make sure you use a pressure washer to clear the debris and allow the detergent to soak in for a few mins.  Then scrup vigorously.  Oxyclean is another detergent that can help also.


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Don’t Want Grass Between The Bricks of Your Driveway? Use Stamped Asphalt

Stamped Asphalt, Residential Asphalt, Colored Asphalt, Milwaukee Asphalt, paving

Decorative Asphalt is a process that consists of stamping a template into the asphalt surface that creates beautiful surfaces that are attractive and durable for many years.

Residential Asphalt Milwaukee, Stamped Asphalt, paving, milwaukeeThis is an alternative to using expensive paving products without losing the the durability or look that you are going for.  This allows you to create realistic looking brick, stone or other design effects directly on the asphalt.  Maintenance of stamped asphalt can be much better then using brick or Stone because it diminishes the amount of cracks that are normally between the stone or brick and lessons the chance of grass or weeds to grow between them.


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