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Parking Lot Expansion Solves Growing Pains | Parking Lot construction Milwaukee

Parking Lot Expansion Solves Growing Pains Improving Traffic Flow, Safety, and Convenience for Airport Hanger Guests, Employees, Vendors, and Suppliers

Parking lot paving, Milwaukee, asphalt,
With land available, expanding the existing asphalt parking lot was a cost-effective solution to this airport hanger facility’s growing pains.

Successful businesses and organizations often experience growing pains. New equipment, additional employees, and other resources become essential to meet customer or member demands. When complaints begin to surface about the difficulty customers, employees, members, or visitors have in finding available spaces in the parking lot, organizations and their facility managers have three choices: Expand the parking lot (space permitting), contract for off-site parking and shuttle services, or begin looking for new digs. Of the three choices, expanding the parking lot is often the most efficient and cost-effective long-term solution.

The Paving and Fencing Divisions of Munson, Inc. recently provided asphalt paving, parking lot marking and striping, and fence installation services at Mitchell International Airport to support a major Milwaukee-area manufacturer’s hanger parking expansion project. Airport security requirements were tight, but construction ser vice provision was manageable for all construction professionals involved with the parking lot expansion through the installation by the Munson, Inc. Fence Team, at the beginning of the project, of 6-foot high, chain-link, temporary perimeter fencing, which was human-proofed through the placement of three strands of barbed wire at the top of the fencing. The Munson, Inc. Asphalt Pavement Team was responsible for quality control of the finished parking lot pavement surface and took proper steps to minimize material segregation and ensure proper material installation and compaction.

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The completed airport hanger parking lot expansion helped ease the facility’s growing pains, improving traffic flow, safety, and convenience for employees, guests, vendors, and suppliers.

Employing the proper paving and compaction equipment, and staffing the project with an experienced asphalt pavement crew resulted in placement of a properly-compacted parking lot pavement with a durable, uniformly finished surface that looks great and matches the alignment and elevations of the original parking area. To complete the project, the Munson, Inc. pavement marking and striping crew installed traffic marking, striping, and signage per project plans (which were in conformance with local codes and American Disability Act standards) and the Munson, Inc. Fence Team installed permanent fencing and removed the project’s temporary perimeter fence. By adding 35 parking spaces, the completed hanger parking expansion project eliminated facility growing pains, improving traffic flow, safety, and convenience for employees, guests, vendors, and suppliers.

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