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Parking Lot Paving and Repair

Your parking lot needs to be cared for the same way we care for our lawns and vehicles.  Without proper maintenance it will become damaged and possibly hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles.

Parking lot, Parking lot Construction, Parking Lot RepairsBusiness owners especially need to monitor what is happening to the pavement around them. Figuring out what type of pavement modification or repair you need is as close as a phone call away. If you think you need repairs to parking lot damage.    MUNSON-ARMSTRONG PAVING DIV. combines our superior equipment with outstanding customer service.  We understand that keeping your project and jobsite clean while your operations are accessible at all times is very important. Having the best crews in town who put safety and quality first is what we are known for.  We offer CAD and project design services to get you started and help you work out your budget.  When it comes time to estimate your job we’ll let you know the options available from milling and pulverizing to stripping and resurfacing.  Full depth patch repairs and infrared heat repairs are options as well.  Sealcoating is available to safeguard your pavement from the materials and elements that can destroy its structural integrity.  We apply commercial grade sealers to both residential and commercial customers and nearly always apply 2 coats.  This sealer extends the life of your pavement while also improving appearance.  Your pavement will have a beautiful, deep dark look and line striping will appear brighter and much more visible.

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