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Parking Lot Repair Milwaukee | Is there a lake in your Parking lot?

Is there a lake in your Parking lot?  Ponding, puddling or standing water in your Milwaukee Parking lot can cause a variety of problems.

A lake in your parking lot (also known as ponding or puddling) is much more than a joke, eye sore, or waste of otherwise valuable real estate. Standing water presents liability issues for owners and developers and major safety hazards for anyone accessing your parking lot. Parking-lot lakes often become pavement ice patches in winter, contributing to parking-lot related pedestrian falls; hip, back, neck, knee, and ankle injuries; and damaged vehicles – and significant risk exposure for your organization, business, school district, or municipality.

Ponding can occur due to a number of design and construction issues, including inadequate site drainage design, insufficient site preparation, poor native soils, or deficient subbase design and installation. A broken water pipe can undermine parking lot base material and cause portions of the lot to sink. Landscape irrigation adjacent to or uphill from the parking lot can allow water to work its way under portions of the parking lot and cause settlement. munson water

Settlement can also occur when heavy traffic loads are imposed on areas intended for lighter traffic loads – for example, truckload sales held in areas designed for car parking only. Eliminating puddling can be difficult to accomplish on the cheap – existing elevations, structures, and curbing surrounding the parking lot can complicate providing for positive water flow. If inadequate site drainage performance is contributing to the standing water, the drainage issues must be addressed, or pavement repair will, at best, provide a Band-Aid solution, with the integrity of the soil bed and engineered subbase beneath the parking lot soon re-compromised. But fixing standing water issues in your parking lot is a bargain, compared to your liability exposure from not fixing them.

Corrective measures might include adding a large or small drain to the existing stormwater drainage system and cutting out or milling the affected area and leveling with asphalt. If the integrity of the soil bed or engineered subbase has been compromised, the subbase of the affected area must be removed and replaced with a properly designed and compacted subbase in preparation for the new asphalt surface. Sometimes, to provide for positive surface drainage, the asphalt profile must be reshaped, creating a swale to direct runoff to an appropriate catch basin or drainage area.

Munson, Inc. uses an elevation laser to pinpoint areas on an asphalt parking lot surface in need of correction, and it is usually not until after we have identified lot surface undulations that we can correctly identify the affected lot area(s) and proper measures and methods required for doing the repair right the first time. Most often, the surface area needing correction to eliminate standing water is larger than it appears to the naked eye. Much too often, we are called in to fix parking lots where standing water remains an issue after repair measures by other contractors were implemented. To prevent standing water issues for new or reconstructed parking lots, employ proper parking lot pavement design and construction, with emphasis on correct site drainage (surface, sub-surface, and the parking lot runoff), and pavement traffic loading.

To repair ponding problems on your existing parking lot, contact Munson, Inc.: 800. 236.0349 rob@munsoninc.com

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