Parking Lot Sealing, Seal Coat your Parking lot for added life

Milwaukee area Seal Coating Services by Munson Inc.

Seal coating safeguards your pavement from the materials and elements that can destroy its structural integrity.  We apply commercial grade sealers

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to both residential and commercial customers and nearly always apply 2 coats.  This sealer extends the life of your pavement while also improving appearance.  Your pavement will have a beautiful, deep dark look and line striping will appear brighter and much more visible.  Seal coating also let’s snow and ice melt faster in the winter months.  it protects against gas and oil spills penetrating the pavement and the UV rays from the sun oxidizing your asphalt which make it brittle and more prone to cracking.  Cosmetically it appears new beautifying your property and adding value to your investment. Besides making your pavement look new again, seal coating services will protect your pavement from the destructive elements of the weather, gas, oil, antifreeze, and many other chemicals that could damage the paved surface.


MUNSON, INC. is a commercial and residential fencing and paving company located in Milwaukee, WI. We have been servicing the Greater Milwaukee and surrounding areas in Southeastern Wisconsin SINCE 1955.

Seal coating
As part of a proper asphalt pavement maintenance program, the seal coating will delay the need for major repairs while extending parking lot service life.
 Our PAVING DIVISION specializes in asphalt and concrete from driveways to large parking lots and from colored and stamped concrete to small trench patching.

We continually strive to maintain the best reputation, while pursuing opportunities for growth. We remain dedicated to serving and servicing our customers in order to build on our ever-increasing referral based business.

Milwaukee Seal Coating services estimates can be done by calling us or filling out an estimate request form.