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POP Tennis – What is it?

POP Tennis uses shorter tennis courts, lower pressure balls and shorter racquets designed in a way that everyone can immediately play and have fun.

POP Tennis on 36- and 60-foot tennis courts is the same as tennis on a full-size 78-foot court, except that in POP Tennis, the serve is underhand and players only get one serve. All other rules and scoring are the same, as well as the strokes, footwork and strategies. Currently, there are more than 18,000 standalone or lined 36- and 60-foot tennis courts in the U.S., many developed with the assistance of the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) facilities grant program.

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POP Tennis is a great sport to play if you have already mastered tennis and are now an older player and still want to enjoy the sport without the larger courts.  It is also an excellent way to get youngsters involved in the sport of tennis at an earlier age

POP Tennis is also an excellent means for youngsters to learn how to play Tennis. It teaches them how to hit consistent and penetrating  groundstrokes, to volley, to move to the ball, to effectively strategize, and to compete.  With a less lively ball, smaller court, lower net, and shorter racquet, it is easy for children to quickly attain mastery of their strokes, and thereby, gain empowering feelings of success, accomplishment, and confidence.

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Interested in having a Tennis Court or POP Tennis court added to your property?  Contact the Munson Tennis & Track Division at Munson Inc to learn more.


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