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Pothole Repair Milwaukee

Weather and traffic on pavement forms potholes, after water enters the ground under the pavement and through cracks, the expansion from freezing an contraction from the thaw eventually causes a pothole to form. Once a pothole is formed it is important to repair it as possible due to the fact that it will continue to grow larger as time goes by, the bigger the pothole, the more dangerous it can be for pedestrians and vehicles.  Spring is the time to assess the damages to your asphalt driveway or parking lot. If you notice cracks in your paved asphalt surface, then it’s time to consider doing crack repairs and/or applying protective sealcoating. If you see potholes in your asphalt surface, then now is the time to contact the Milwaukee asphalt and Pothole Specialists at Munson Inc to repair them.

Custom Asphalt Patching and Pothole Repair Services in Milwaukee

Munson Inc is a leading asphalt surface repair contractor in Milwaukee.  Serving the Milwaukee area for over 60 years, we only use patching products that can handle the climate here in Wisconsin.

It’s easy to recognize driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, and playgrounds that were constructed by MUNSON-ARMSTRONG. They’re the ones that still look great years later.

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