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Preparing your Tennis Court For Winter

With winter weather coming soon, it is time to think about preparing your tennis court for the cold that is on its way.

Lower tennis nets to relieve their tension. That is, if you think you will be using them during the winter months.  If you live in Milwaukee or SE Wisconsin it is doubtful that you will, it would be best to take the nets off completely and store them indoors.  If you have windscreens attached to the fence system, take them down. Winter winds can damage windscreens, and since you won’t be playing on the courts anyways you don’t need them in the winter.  tennis court construction, milwaukee,

When you notice that most of the leaves have dropped from the trees it is recommended that you rake up and remove them from the court area.  Stains from the leaves being left under wet cold snow for months can be difficult to remove in the spring.

It is also a very good tome to have professional tennis court maintenance done to fill any cracks and holes before the snow and Ice comes to make things worse.


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