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Seal coating and Parking lot striping

Having clear, quality asphalt striping is the finishing touch to your paved parking lot or newly repair or seal coated project.  Not only is parking lot line striping important to the functionality of your location, it also improves the appearance. Clean, clear lines that don’t show signs of wear give the exterior of your business or office a fresh look and show that you care about the maintenance and appearance of your building.


If you’re not sure if it’s time to have your parking lot striped, here are a few things to ask yourself the next time you inspect your parking lot.

  1. Are the lines clearly marked or are there sections where paint has worn away?
  2. Can you clearly see the lines on three sides of the space during the day and night or during sunny or rainy conditions?
  3. Are handicap-accessible spaces highly visible and clearly marked?

Munson, Inc. excels at supporting the pavement maintenance programs of Milwaukee-area businesses, organizations, and families. Customers report they appreciate our professionalism, the quality of our workmanship, our project communication, and the creative, cost-effective solutions we provide to meet their specific pavement maintenance project needs. Look to the seal coat crews of our Munson – Armstrong Paving Division for constructive solutions – crack filling, seal coating, and pavement marking – to pavement oxidation, drying, cracking, ADA compliance, traffic and pedestrian passage, and storm-water management challenges.

Milwaukee Parking Lot Seal Coating, Striping, And Pavement Marking