Seal Coating your Driveway and Parking lot Repairs

Sealcoating asphalt to protect them from the elements.  Weather, water, sun, ice, oxidation and other elements can wreck havoc on your asphalt surface.

Milwaukee Sealcoating By Munson Inc

As time goes by, your asphalt will lose the surface oils and the surface sands will begin to wash away leaving small cracks in the surface.  During the winter, water will penetrate the small cracks and as it freezes and thaws, the cracks will begin to get larger allowing more and more water and chemicals to reach deeper into your asphalt.

Parking Lot Striping, Milwaukee parking lot Striping,The cost of seal coating your parking lot or driveway is much much less then replacing or repairing your current asphalt surfaces.  Parking lot Striping, Road Striping milwaukee,

Seal coating safeguards your pavement from the materials and elements that can destroy its structural integrity.  We apply commercial grade sealers to both residential and commercial customers and nearly always apply 2 coats.  This sealer extends the life of your pavement while also improving appearance.  Your pavement will have a beautiful, deep dark look and line striping will appear brighter and much more visible.  Seal coating also let’s snow and ice melt faster in the winter months.  it protects against gas and oil spills penetrating the pavement and the UV rays from the sun oxidizing your asphalt which make it brittle and more prone to cracking.  Cosmetically it appears new beautifying your property and adding value to your investment.

Crack repair – The most economical method used in maintaining the life of parking lots is crack repair.  This process includes filling cracks (1/4 inch and wider) with a hot-poured rubberized sealant.  The crack sealant reduces pavement deterioration.

It’s easy to recognize driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, and playgrounds that were constructed by MUNSON-ARMSTRONG.

They’re the ones that still look great years later. 

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