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Pothole repair and patching is important to the overall maintenance of your asphalt parking lot or driveway.

A well maintained parking lot or driveway helps with the safety of your property and offers a good impression to those that visit and use your businesses products and services.  Pothole Repair is important.  We frequently do pothole repair and patching  for Milwaukee customers whose original asphalt paving contractor cut corners on quality in order to be lower priced.

Many years ago, MUNSON made a fundamental decision – to explain our price one time rather than have to apologize for poor quality forever. You’ll be glad we did.

Potholes are small, bowl-shaped depression in the asphalt that penetrates deep down into the base. They are the result of moisture infiltration.

Possible Causes of Potholes

  1. Continued deterioration of another type of distress, such as thawing of a frozen subgrade, cracking, raveling, or a failed patch after pieces of the original pavement surface have been dislodged
  2. Poor surface mixtures
  3. Weak spots in the base or subgrade
  4. Severity of the surrounding distress and traffic action accelerate potholes

Once a pothole forms, it needs to be repaired right away.  Potholes will continue to grow as long as weather conditions and traffic occur.  The longer you wait for repairs, the bigger the pothole will get making it more dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians.

Other types of defects that can resemble a pothole

Depressions:  Depressions are indentations in the asphalt and are most noticeable after it rains.

Possible Causes

  1. Settlement or failure in the lower pavement layers
  2. Improper construction techniques

Rutting: Channelized depressions in the wheel tracks caused by insufficient pavement thickness; lack of compaction of the asphalt, stone base or soil; weak asphalt mixes; or moisture infiltration.

Possible Causes

  1. Consolidation or lateral movement of any of the pavement layers or the subgrade under traffic
  2. Insufficient design thickness
  3. Lack of compaction
  4. Weaknesses in the pavement layers due to moisture infiltration
  5. Weak asphalt mixtures



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