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Spring Asphalt Parking Lot and Driveway Maintenance Checklist


Cleaning will give you a good opportunity to inspect the surface and note any areas in need of maintenance. Simply remove all dirt and debris with a stiff broom and powerful hose spray.

Crack Filling

Carefully inspect asphalt surfaces for any cracks; asphalt is most susceptible to damage by way of water entering cracks and undermining the asphalt. Left unattended, a small crack has potential to become a pothole. You don’t want to risk the unsightly, unsafe pothole forming on your pavement! Fill any cracks you find annually to keep your surface smooth.   Properly filled cracks can serve as expansion joints during freeze-thaw cycle, an added benefit of proper parking lot maintenance.  Remember, cracks are future potholes


Keeping the edges of your asphalt surface clear from grass and weeds will prevent roots from sneaking beneath the surface and damaging the asphalt. You might consider adding an asphalt curb to the edges which offers a great improvement to the aesthetic value of the pavement and a method to reduce your maintenance workload.


Sealing asphalt surfaces increases longevity by protecting asphalt from the sun, weathering, oxidation, and petroleum substances like gasoline, motor oil, and other vehicle fluids . Sealing also returns the asphalt’s beautiful black luster. If left unprotected, asphalt becomes brittle and prone to cracking and potholes. It is recommended that asphalt be re-sealed every 3-5 years. This is a great way to prolong the life of your asphalt and keep it looking its best.


If the lines and striping in your parking lot are fading, it’s time to freshen up or re-stripe your lot.  A fresh coat of paint not only improves your curb appeal, it helps your company comply with applicable regulations and shows your customers you care about their safety.   You’ll want to make sure that your parking spaces, fire lanes, handicapped areas, no parking zones, speed bumps and loading zones are clearly marked.

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