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Spring Parking Lot Asphalt and Concrete Repair 2023

It’s time to schedule the repair and maintenance needed for your Parking lots.

Routine maintenance slows the deterioration of your pavement by protecting it from sun, air and water.  Commercial properties that have concrete or asphalt for their parking lots have taken a beating this year.

All the small cracks and pot holes that were there last fall can be a bigger problem this spring.  Simple maintenance can be done to make sure that your parking surface lasts for years to come.  Simple fixes like pot hole repair, crack repair, and patching need to be done early. When these defects are caught early, the cost to repair them will be far less.

Down the road, a crack can become a pot hole and one pot hole can become multiple issues.

Checklist for Spring Parking lot Maintenance

Clean Up the Parking Lot

Regular cleaning of a parking lot can help identify potential problems.  This will give you a chance to inspect the surface and note any areas in need of maintenance. Simply remove all dirt and debris with a stiff broom and powerful hose spray.

Crack Filling

Carefully inspect asphalt surfaces for any cracks; asphalt is most susceptible to damage by way of water entering cracks and undermining the asphalt. Left unattended, a small crack has potential to become a pothole. You don’t want to risk the unsightly, unsafe pothole forming on your pavement! Cracking can take many forms, including shrinkage, widening, edge cracks, slippage, alligator cracks, and reflection. Cracks are caused by many different factors, such as water penetration, oxidation from the sun, freezing and thawing, and poor initial construction. Even the most minor cracks should be sealed as soon as possible, as small cracks can grow into bigger problems.  Fill any cracks you find annually to keep your surface smooth.   Properly filled cracks can serve as expansion joints during freeze-thaw cycle, an added benefit of proper parking lot maintenance.  Remember, cracks are future potholes


Necessary when asphalt pavement has completely deteriorated in a localized area. As potholes develop, a surface patch may be a quick, inexpensive fix. For a longer lasting solution, the full depth of the pavement needs to be removed and replaced. Potholes should be repaired as they appear before they become a safety hazard or cause vehicle damage.

Curb Repairs

Alongside pothole repairs. Plowing can take its toll on curbs, These repairs are quick and simple, and can be done with minimal interruption to traffic flow.


Securing the sides of your parking lot to prevent cracking, crumbling, and other damage is edging.  Keeping the edges of your asphalt surface clear from grass and weeds will prevent roots from sneaking beneath the surface and damaging the asphalt. You might consider adding an asphalt curb or border to the edges which offers a great improvement to the aesthetic value of the pavement and a method to reduce your maintenance workload by stabilizing the asphalt and preventing the edge from pulling away .


Is it time to freshen up or re-stripe your lot?  A fresh coat of paint not only improves your curb appeal, it helps your company comply with applicable regulations and shows your customers you care about their safety.  Freshly painted lines, arrows, stop bars, speed bumps and crosswalks will also stand out better.

Spring is a very busy season and appointments fill quickly.  Munson Inc, is now taking reservations for the spring 2023 season, give us a call or send us a request and we can have you ready for that new Parking lot or parking lot repair as soon as the snow is gone.

Contact us now and schedule an estimate.

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