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Concrete Care During The Winter

Most concrete damage happens during the winter months. Freezing temperatures will not affect the concrete without the presence of moisture. Anything that limits the amount of water on or around the concrete will lengthen its service life. This is where

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Paving Contractors Milwaukee

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PAVING Paying attention to details… That’s how MUNSON-ARMSTRONG PAVING DIV. has built its name and reputation since 1963. Details like considering variable ground and soil conditions, refusing to take short-cuts in the necessary prep work – and then demanding nothing

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Seal Coating your Driveway and Parking lot Repairs

Sealcoating asphalt to protect them from the elements.  Weather, water, sun, ice, oxidation and other elements can wreck havoc on your asphalt surface. Milwaukee Sealcoating By Munson Inc As time goes by, your asphalt will lose the surface oils and

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Concrete is the Right Approach to Your Facility or Home

Facility owners, developers, and homeowners select exterior concrete flatwork for its strength, beauty, durability, versatility, and low life-cycle costs. You should, too. The versatility, durability, and attractiveness of exterior concrete flatwork offer unlimited possibilities for facility owners and managers, developers,

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