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Recommendations for Late Fall Outdoor Tennis Court Maintenance

Cracked tennis court, Tennis court repair, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Recommendations for Late Fall Outdoor Tennis Court Maintenance Implementation of an ongoing program of routine and preventative maintenance is key to getting the best investment from your tennis court(s).   Our experience since 1955 confirms the primary cause of outdoor tennis

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Indoor Sports Surfaces

indoor tennis court construction, indoor tennis court, milwaukee

Indoor sports surfaces have to be durable enough to keep up with the wear and tear that athletes can put them through.  Basketball, volleyball, Tennis and floor hockey can share the same court during multiple times of the day.  Choosing

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Seal coating in cold weather

sealcoatiing, Milwaukee, Milwaukee sealcoating, seal coating

Most of the sealcoatings used are water-based.  Either based on refined tar or asphalt Emulsion.  You could expect 60 to 70% of the sealcoating being applied to be water.  In order for seal coating to dry all of the water

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Don’t Want Grass Between The Bricks of Your Driveway? Use Stamped Asphalt

Stamped Asphalt, Residential Asphalt, Colored Asphalt, Milwaukee Asphalt, paving

Decorative Asphalt is a process that consists of stamping a template into the asphalt surface that creates beautiful surfaces that are attractive and durable for many years. This is an alternative to using expensive paving products without losing the the

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