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Seal coating in cold weather

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Most of the sealcoatings used are water-based.  Either based on refined tar or asphalt Emulsion.  You could expect 60 to 70% of the sealcoating being applied to be water.  In order for seal coating to dry all of the water

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Looking for Sealcoating Contractors?

sealcoatiing, Milwaukee, Milwaukee sealcoating, seal coating

Sealcoating safeguards your pavement from the materials and elements that can destroy its structural integrity. MUNSON, INC. is a commercial and residential fencing and paving company located in Milwaukee, WI. We have been servicing the Greater Milwaukee and surrounding areas

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Preparing Asphalt for Winter

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Time to survey your asphalt parking lots now while its still warm and look for any cracks or holes. These will be the first places where water will trickle into the sub base and freeze.  As the water freezes and

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Winter Is Coming, But There Still May Be Time To Get Your Asphalt Driveway Seal Coated.

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There still is time to Seal Coat your asphalt driveway before winter.  Right now is about the time people start to wonder if it is too late to finish their summer projects.  Seal Coating your driveway or Parking lot is

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