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Tennis Court Crack Repair – Do It Yourself?

A cracked tennis court doesn’t just look bad – it IS bad. It becomes a trip hazard, impacts the speed of the game and robs the players of the conditions they need for a good match.

Do you want to fix the tennis court by yourself?  Ever wonder if it’s easy to do?tennis court repair, tennis courts, construction, milwaukee

The short answer is no.

    1. Tennis court maintenance requires special products.

By using ordinary crack filler, you’ll be doing more harm than good to your tennis court.

    1. Before the repairs, all cracks must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

This work is not as easy as it seems. It requires special equipment and professional precision. Tennis court contractors have both.

  1. There are several types of tennis court damage.  Each type requires a specific approach. You wouldn’t fix birdbaths the same way that you would fix surface cracks. Getting a professional analysis will help you avoid making the Court worse.

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