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Tennis Court Maintenance and Repair Workshop

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If Your Tennis Courts Need Repair, Do You Understand All the Options Available?

To help people responsible for tennis court upkeep or tasked with the challenge of hiring a contractor to estimate and renovate their existing courts, our Tennis & Track Division will be sponsoring a free Tennis Court Repair and Maintenance Workshop on Thursday March 19th, 2015 at 7065 N Port Washington Rd, WI.

The Workshop begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends around Noon. Although the workshop does have an outline, most of the time we focus on the needs and questions of the attendees as the seminar progresses during the morning. Perhaps your courts only need crack filling and recoloring. Maybe you need to know what to budget for replacing or adding courts? We’ll expand upon those topics as requested.

What You Will Learn
You will leave the Workshop with information to help you better navigate the repair and reconstruction options available for keeping your tennis courts in safe and playable condition. The Workshop includes information about material and technology innovations that can help you with structural and surface cracking repair issues and court reconstruction alternatives. The Workshop also shares details on court evaluation and maintenance programs, and the latest information on repair funding assistance and the increased emphasis the United States Tennis Association is placing on attracting children to the game and on promoting tennis as a lifetime sport.

How to Register for the Workshop
Though our Tennis Court Repair Workshops are free, space is limited. Register today by contacting Munson, Inc.: 800.236.0340 | Be sure to include in your email the number of people from your organization that will be attending.

Maintenance And Repair Workshop