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The Effects Of Cold Weather On Asphalt

Cold and temperatures can cause asphalt to contract, which results in asphalt cracks. This weakens the asphalt significantly and reduces the life expectancy of the surface. This makes cold weather asphalt repair invaluable to maintaining the integrity of the surface.

asphalt repair, Milwaukee, Potholes, Parking lot repairThe freeze-thaw process:

When the temperatures are above freezing, snow melt or rainwater will make its way into any small cracks in the pavement.

  1. As the temperature drops back down to below freezing, the water in the cracked pavement turns into ice and expands, forcing the asphalt to crumble and the cracks to grow.
  2. When the weather warms up, the ice melts and allows water to move even deeper down into the cracks.
  3. The cycle then repeats, freezing and expanding over again.

Deicers can be hard on asphalt, so you should generally try to avoid using them. But if you must use a deicer, avoid rock salt.

Rock salt is generally known to be toxic and damaging to asphalt and isn’t even that effective when temperatures are lower than 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of using rock salt, use Magnesium Chloride, which is good down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, or Calcium Magnesium Acetate, which is good down to negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Keeping your pavement free from ice is important to help prevent patron slip-and-fall accidents and ensure customers can drive in your lot safely during the cold, snowy winter months. Sprinkling a chemical deicer on your pavement is a good way to prevent ice accumulation and melt slippery ice that does develop. However, some deicers can damage asphalt, so choose your asphalt pavement deicer carefully.

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