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Types of Fencing for Businesses

With so many types of businesses, there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all for fencing. Schools, government facilities, apartments, offices, manufacturing plants, and highly-secure commercial sites all need fencing to keep unwanted visitors out and help provide additional security for the occupants inside. Below are some of the top fencing options for businesses and commercial properties so you can select the best one for your unique needs.  Munson uses only the finest materials available and our installation crews are highly skilled in their trade so that you get the best commercial fence available – a Munson Fence.

14475836566 b5243a5313 zCommercial Chain Link Fencing

When most people think of commercial fencing, chain link fences come to mind. However, unlike other chain link fencing installers, our chain link fencing is high-quality and incredibly durable. We can add interior chain link fencing for storage, vinyl chain link fences for tennis and basketball courts, and ball field backdrops.  Our chain link security fence comes in a galvanized, aluminized or color vinyl coated option with or without barbed wire.  Our ornamental fence line (or wrought iron style) comes in a variety of styles and heights with swing or slide gates to match.  Picket fence styles range from press point picket to decorative fleur-de-lis and triad tops to name a few.

Commerical Fencing, Fence, Commercial, MilwaukeeHigh-Security Options

If your manufacturing or highly-secure commercial site needs a new fence, Munson Inc offers several options to provide the security you’re looking for. We will be able to work with you to customize the fence – or various fencing types – you choose for your facility. Keep in mind that you may want to incorporate several options for maximum security and functionality.

Commerical Fencing MilwaukeeCommercial Gates

No matter if you need a gate to let in cars, eighteen-wheelers, or people, Munson offers a variety of commercial gate options. Our gates can be manually operated, but most clients opt for access controls for ease of use. The gate can be customized to match the rest of your fence, so you can select from gates that incorporate aluminum fencing, chain link fencing, or one of our other high-security fencing options.  Munson offers DoorKing, Osco, AutoGate and Stanley brands to name a few. We’ll advise you of the best operator for your needs depending on your traffic flow, size and weight or gate and other factors. Access controls are becoming numerous as technology advances. Keypads, intercoms with cameras, transmitters and card readers are many popular choices now giving you more control and recording keeping than ever before.

Milwaukee Commercial Fence Solutions by Munson Inc

Whatever fence project you have in mind, Munson can handle it all.  From fence repair to installation of a new commercial fence and from dumpster fence to baseball field fence and backstops to high security fence with barbed wire and tennis courts. We also handle gate operators with a variety of access controls with keypads, card readers, intercoms and transmitters. View our services page for more services such as guard rail, bollards, temporary fence and more. Whatever project you have that’s fence related – Munson can do it!


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