USA Football’s Rookie Tackle Program

Nice article about USA Football’s Rookie Tackle program.

USA Football’s Rookie Tackle program is the sport’s newest program. It is currently being debuted at the youth level and in 11 cities across the U.S.

According to an article published in USA TODAY, Rookie Tackle features smaller fields, fewer players, no special teams and no three-point stances. It is intended to be a bridge between flag football and 11-man tackle. Many changes are in store, with the following goals:

  • Allows leagues with limited registered players to field more teams
  • Participants rotate and learn multiple positions and skills on offensive and defense
  • Smaller fields (see diagram) are scaled to create an appropriate playing space for the age and abilities of younger athletes
  • Smaller fields also allow leagues to utilize field space more efficiently.
  • Smaller rosters: To provide a greater coach-to-player ratio to foster individual attention and skill development
  • Rule modifications result in more snaps on offense and defense for younger players

While the program is only beginning just now, it is expected to grow. Field builders, therefore, can expect to get questions from customers on marking fields, either temporarily or permanently, for the new game.

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