Advances in asphalt over the last few decades allows us to give customers the option of dressing up their asphalt pavement with the look of brick or stone, but at a fraction of the cost. For over 20 years Munson has been installing StreetPrint which is a method of imprinting the asphalt with a brick or stone pattern and then coloring it to create the illusion of real brick or stone. Munson was the first contractor in the Milwaukee area to offer this product which has greatly advanced since our first application in 1993. StreetPrint now allows you to stamp your pavement with numbers and logos as well. Visit their site today to learn more

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Another decorative option mainly for commercial and municipal customers is called DuraTherm. The asphalt is heated again and imprinted with a grid similar to StreetPrint, but then a reflective thermoplastic piece is laid into the depressions and heated again using infrared heaters to fuse it to the pavement. Mainly used in crosswalks is greatly increases the durability and lifetime of a typical painted crosswalk and allows for many colors and patterns. See the process and learn more on their website today.


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