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Do you like to work in the outdoors, perform in a team environment, use power tools and drive equipment from skid loaders to front end loaders? If so a career at Munson may be for you! Every day presents challenges to install new fencing and paving projects in a variety of surroundings from high security clearance areas for the federal government to locations in and around Miller Park. With over 60 years in business Munson has an extensive list of customers so no day or job site is ever the same. Munson provides all the tools and training in the positions below so that you can grow into a skilled employer with the opportunity for advancement. The college path is not always for everyone and those working in the trades can be $150,000 ahead when their peers graduate college four years later with ($100,000) in debt. That’s a $250,000 advantage right there not to mention the added pension, healthcare and extended training that comes with it compared to other jobs.

Who We Are

Munson, Inc. is a commercial and residential fencing and paving company located in Milwaukee, WI. We have been servicing the Greater Milwaukee and surrounding areas since 1955. Our PAVING DIVISION specializes in asphalt and concrete from driveways to large parking lots and from colored and stamped concrete to small trench patching. Our FENCE DIVISION installs industrial chain link fences, gates and operators as well as decorative wrought iron style fence and everything in-between. Combined we have a TENNIS COURT DIVISION that puts all these talents together creating nationally award winning residential and commercial courts. In order to do this at the highest quality we train and employ the best installation teams in the area. Those who want to work in a safe environment, take great care of their tools, vehicles and equipment, arrive on time, communicate well with peers and clients and are always striving to help each other out by working smarter – not harder. It takes a special individual to be hired as a Munson ambassador who can follow directions, lead by example and proudly represent the skilled trade positions below.


Fence crews typically work in 2 person teams and use power tools, air compressors, post pounders, skid loaders and augers to do their work. We install 4’ high wrought iron style fence to 30’ high interior chain link fencing. Temporary fence is installed for construction sites around town and for emergency security purposes. Installers begin their career paired up with an experienced foreman where they learn the skills and techniques for installing various types of fencing and using all tools and equipment available to get the job done safety and efficiently. Over time promotions are made to crew foreman with an ultimate potential of Fence Division Superintendent who does pre-job checking, orders materials and schedules and oversees crew production. Foremen are required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and all members join the Laborer’s Local 113. This group provides safety and other career training throughout the year. Most crews work year round with half having seasonal layoff January thru March.



The grading crew is made up of three or four person crews. All members need CDL’s in order to drive the vehicles with equipment needed to the job site. Work involved includes removing soil, asphalt or concrete and excavating the site as needed in preparing for paving. Crew members haul in and distribute stone base and then use lasers to grade the site for proper drainage and compact with rollers. Reading blueprints is critical for job layout as well as installing grade stakes with proper elevation points. They use equipment such as skid loaders, quad axle trucks, graders and vibratory compactors/rollers. The season typically runs from the end of April to the end of November. The crew belongs to the Laborer’s or Operating Engineer’s Union depending on their crew role.


thertyhThe paving (asphalt) crew is made up of usually 7 team members. A paver operator/driver, two operators on each side of the paver, two roller operators, and then two ground crew members doing critical handwork or operating skid loaders. Installations could be driveways, street patches, tennis courts or parking lots. The paver is self-propelled with state of the art electronics to assist the crew members in laying the asphalt to the critical tolerances needed. Most crew members have CDL’s as needed to drive the equipment to the jobsite. The season typically runs from the end of April to the end of November. The crew belongs to the Laborer’s or Operating Engineer’s Union depending on their crew role. An additional two or three employees are truck drivers who mainly haul asphalt from our asphalt plant to the crew, but also get out of the trucks and help the crews if needed. .



Seal crews typically work in 2 person teams and clean, crack fill and seal driveways, parking lots and tennis courts. Members usually start their careers in seal coating and then upgrade to foremen and/or onto tennis court coloring. Employees learn how to properly mix and apply the coatings as needed. Tennis Court coloring requires very special skills in order to properly prepare the surface as well as apply the acrylic or synthetic coatings. Munson excels in this area and has won numerous national awards for our tennis court work. Some members are required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and all members join the Laborer’s Local 113. The seal coating season is VERY short due to the temperature limits of the materials and the season is usually May thru September. Cold and rain severely limit the working abilities of the crews therefore hours can be long in the summer including weekends. Since not many people are skilled in the tennis court sealing trade, some out of the area travel is needed; however travel, meals and hotels are covered. Since the season is so short Munson is willing to cross train employees to assist with the paving or fencing crews as needed to obtain more hours of work during the year before winter shutdown.


Working all day in the field not for you? Munson also employs a sales support staff. These individuals assist the sales force by helping put together estimates, read and figure quantities off blueprints, obtain permits, help with typing proposals and a variety of other tasks. The position is full time with possible winter layoff; however those with the desire, dedication and right skills could be offered a full time sales/project manager position after years in this support role.

The Union Benefit

All field crew installers are members of the Laborers, Operating Engineers or Masonry & Plasters Unions. Your wage is comparable, but usually higher than the other companies we compete with. Health care is paid for in your benefits and the package they have is one of the best out there with very low out of pocket costs. The type of union you join has a variety of other benefits such as a vacation check paid out twice a year to cover time off. The luxury they all share is that they all have a very highly desirable pension plan. For every hour you work you earn $10-$12 per hour applied to your pension. After working for 20 years those earnings can grow to $1,000,000 or more! Most employees take a break in the winter (December thru March), go on vacation or even find some additional work snow plowing, working at ski resorts or other jobs. However that’s also the time to work on your skills and company advancement thru training the union provides over the winter. While collecting unemployment at the same time you can go to training for First Aid, OSHA30, CPR, Fall Protection, Welding, Blue Print Reading, Surveying and tons more related to your career field at no cost to you. Some unions even pay for meals, lodging and mileage reimbursement.

Think you have what it takes to join the Munson team? Please submit a resume with the positions you may be interested to All applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid WI Driver’s License with clean driving record. Prospective employees must fill out a full application also go thru a medical and drug screening.

For more information on Munson’s services, photos of installations, social media sites and other material please visit our website at

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