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Parking Lot Crack Repair – Milwaukee, Waukesha and Southeastern Wi

When left untreated, simple grooves and cracks can become parking lot pot holes.  It is important to have an asphalt crack repair program in order to protect your asphalt from expensive repairs and replacement.

Parking lot Cracks under 1 inch wide

For asphalt cracks under 1 inch wide, you may be able to do the repair by yourself. However, if you notice a lot of small asphalt cracks, it might be easier to give us a call. We offer parking lot crack repairs as one of our services to parking lot maintenance.  Most hardware stores will carry asphalt patch products.

Parking lot Cracks over 1 Inch wide

You should hire an asphalt repair contractor to repair asphalt cracks that are over 1 inch wide.  These type of cracks are difficult to fill and seal with store bought products.  Munson Inc provides Blacktop crack repair services and we are happy to help.


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