Munson installs all types of guardrail (sometimes called highway guardrail) in outdoor as well as interior areas.

Guardrails, Milwaukee Guardrails, Guardrail Construction Milwaukee WisconsinInterior guardrail is typically bolted to the floor and comes in a galvanized or painted finish. We also offer a more power coated, deluxe version common in industrial factories for forklift and pedestrian safety. Our most common color is safety yellow.

Our exterior rail is typically steel beam posts (referred to as W6x9) meaning a wide flange 6” wide x 9” long (I beam form). We set them in concrete footings on 6’3” or 12’6” centers.

W-Beam (named from its shape) steel guardrail is then hung on the posts.

Thrie-Beam (less common) rail is also available. The galvanized beams come in 12’6” and 25’ lengths.

Guardrail Construction, Milwaukee Guardrails, Commercial Fencing,Posts can also be wood which are usually set in backfilled dirt or crushed stone for easier repair. These are more designed as “break away” posts for safety. All posts can also have the option of offset wood blocks to distance the rail from the posts. Curved sections of rail are available as well.

Safety ends are usually the rounded (buffer) ends, but other options include flared (fishtail), rounded (tightly curled) or median divider (u shaped) section.
Although most sales include installation, Munson will sell material only in bulk quantities for pickup or local delivery.

Guardrail Details
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